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Rafael Formiga Barbosa, Marcus Antelante, Manny Diaz and other share “What it takes to become a BJJ World Champion.

Formiga his the Soul Fighters Team share their experiences, training and mindset to achieve greatness in the BJJ World.

In the 2016 Rafael Formiga Barbosa hosted 16 BJJ Black Belts from around the world to train for the IBJJF World’s Masters Championships.


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TRITAC Origins: How to Train ‘Combat’ Martial Arts

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Do you really know how to train combat martial arts or self-defense?

Are you learning by “situational self-defense’ only? Or do you have the ability to move, fight, react and defend yourself with “instinct”?

John Leabo: Co-Founder of Soul Fighters: TRITAC Martial Arts shows you how to train combat martial arts and self-defense like a sport.

Learn how to develop the necessary skills, combat-flows and techniques like a BJJ practitioner, Boxer, Muay Thai or MMA Fighter. Sport Fighters know ‘how to fight’. Take the sport fighting drills, movements, sparring and training principles – and then add in sparring, drills, and techniques to defend against real street fights with multiple attackers, weapons, and the unknown environment.

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Throws & Takedowns of Zen-Do Ju-JItsu / TRITAC-Jitsu

TRITAC-Jitsu blends the Traditional Martial Art of Japanese Ju-Jitsu with Modern Reality-Based Combatives. More information at:

“TOP 3 Headbutts for Self-Defense… Dirty Fighting”

Striking vs Jiu-Jitsu | Elbow Smash to Choke Out

TRITAC-Jitsu Class (Combat Jiu-Jitsu) showing how to use Elbow to attack the body, and then get the Rear Naked Choke using Jiu-Jitsu.

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“TOP 3 Headbutts for Self-Defense… Dirty Fighting”

How To Defend Punch & Takedown With Jiu-Jitsu

In this TRITAC-Jitsu Flow Matt Bryers shows a how to defend against a punch, enter into close quarters combat range aka clinch fighting range, knees; and then how to defend against a tackle or wrestlers takedown with a sprawl.

This flow shows how Combat Jiu-Jitsu Takedown Defense can be used in a real self-defense situation.


TRITAC-Jitsu is “An Evolution in Combat Jiu-Jitsu“. This Reality-Based Combat Jiu-Jitsu System combines elements of the TRITAC Combatives System, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Japanese Jujutsu, and Wrestling. You will not only learn effective defense techniques, but how to fight in Street Combat, MMA, or Sport Jiu-Jitsu.

TRITAC-Jitsu also features the Smash & Enter and Striking Principles of the TRITAC-Armed and TRITAC-Unarmed Martial Arts Programs. The TRITAC-Jitsu System focuses on Combat Throws, Takedowns, Clinch Fighting, Close-Quarters Striking, Ground Fighting, and Weapons Defense.

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“TOP 3 Headbutts for Self-Defense… Dirty Fighting”

TRITAC-Unarmed Class with Muay Thai Kick Training

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TRITAC-Unarmed is a Modern Reality-Based Combatives and Self-Defense Marital Arts. TRITAC is influenced by many different martial arts including: Muay Thai, Western Boxing, Filipino Martial Arts, Keysi Fighting Method, Defence Lab… and others.

Pro Muay Thai Fighter: Stergos “Greek Dynamite” Mikkios visits the Jiu-Jitsu and Strength Academy in Cromwell, CT to work on Muay Thai Kicks for Self-Defense, Thai Boxing Combinations, and Self-Defense Sparring.

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Why ‘EVOLVE’ as a Martial Artist?

Learn Martial Arts: The philosophy of “Evolving” as a Martial Artist through… Martial Arts.
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“TOP 3 Headbutts for Self-Defense… Dirty Fighting”

Combat Jiu-Jitsu Throws to Armlock – TRITAC-Jitsu “Flow” Lesson

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Learn the combat jiu-jitsu throws Ogoshi and Kesa Nage. The Jiu-Jitsu lesson taught by Matt Bryers starts off with grappling and pummeling to get body lock control and underhook control.

From there Matt shows how to use the Jiu-Jitsu Throw Kesa Nage from the grappling clinch and underhook control position.

You will also learn how to finish with standing armlock submission or wing lock submission.

Learning how to drill and “flow” through combat are essential fighting skills for real self-defense. Jiu-Jitsu students need to learn the basic jiu-jitsu movements, such as pummeling, and then learn how to setup ju-jitsu throws and takedowns.

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TRITAC Martial Arts: ORIGINS – Can your art FUNCTION in Combat?

The TRITAC Martial Arts Origin Story – Is your martial arts designed to Function in Reality-Based Combat? Learn about the history and philosophy of Soul Fighters: TRITAC Martial Arts from Co-Founder: John Leabo

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John Leabo highlights: “What is TRITAC Martial Arts?” He reviews the power of “Three” in martial arts; and how it relates no only martial arts training, but self-defense and reality-based combat applications.

POWERFUL KI Blasts – Self-Defense Training Drills

Free CHI Blast Self-Defense Course 🙂

Have you ever wanted to learn how to use KI BLAST for Self-Defense? Powerful Ki Blasts in Martial Arts are a VERY scary weapon in martial arts. Please be careful when training KI BLASTS with your partners 🙂


What’s REALLY in this Martial Arts Video?

Matt Bryers from TRITAC-Jitsu and TRITAC-Unarmed goes over some of concepts and techniques found in our TRITAC Martial Arts System called “Framing”. Framing is a great basics self-defense technique to use against multiple attackers.

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And Remember: CHI BLASTS are the Ultimate Self-Defense Weapon.