SOUL FIGHTERS: TRITAC-FLOW – Reality-Based Combat Course

TRITAC-Flows are the “secret” to learning how to move, react, and fight with instinctual power. Our first 6-week course contains the fundamental movements, techniques, and skill-sets to develop in TRITAC-UNARMED. These Flows give you the ability to develop quickly and naturally.

TRITAC-UNARMED FLOW 1: Jab, Cross, Frame-1, Thai Clinch & Knees

TRITAC-FLOW 1: Flow 1 is an essential series that focuses on straight punching, framing and entering and clinching and counter clinching… and finishing off with some brutal knees.


TRITAC-UNARMED FLOW 2: Slip the Jab, Hammer the Face, Knee Destruction

TRITAC-FLOW 2: The 2nd TRITAC-Flow focuses on using head movement to evade and counter. We’ll also introduce the use of the Internal Hammer and using our Frame to destroy incoming knees.


Defend the “Cheap Shot” – Punch Defense: Rear Slip Drill

Learn how to block a punch by not being there! Use the Rear Slip technique from Boxing, Muay Thai, etc to defend and counter with a Jab Cross.
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Defend the Double Under Stack Pass in BJJ

Rafael Formiga Barbosa shows how defend against the stack pass or double unders pass. For more videos go to: