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  1. sfaadmin
  2. sfaadmin
  3. warhammer9319
    Long walks on the beach...
  4. styron75
    How do you watch the videos
  5. sebastien
    Love Martial arts.Practice Kickboxing,Muay Thai,Judo,Japanese Ju-Jujitsu Krav Maga,Karate.
  6. sfaadmin
  7. sfaadmin
  8. David Lee
    David Lee
    Back in Singapore, getting ready to teach my first courses in 3 weeks! :-)
  9. David Lee
    David Lee
    Now getting my butt kicked at TRITAC Lynbrook. Also great!! :-)
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  10. David Lee
    David Lee
    Getting my butt kicked at TRITAC CT HQ / JSA this week. I'm lovin' it!! :-)
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  11. Kahunadog
    Kahunadog David Lee
    Have fun...
  12. David Lee
    David Lee
    At TRITAC HQ CT this week and next (+NY)!!
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  13. David Lee
    David Lee
    Getting ready for the TRITAC Instructor Camp in May. Excited!!
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  14. Max Sandberg
    Max Sandberg
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  15. sfaadmin
  16. sfaadmin
  17. sfaadmin
    What's everyone working on today? We're starting our TRITAC Unarmed Class and working on Frame 2 today :) Should be fun!
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  18. sfaadmin
  19. David Lee
    David Lee
    Great system, great people. Stoked to be working toward the dream!!
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