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Garry Tonon V. Rousimar Palhares

This shows how size doesn't over come all! Beautiful display of BJJ!

Highlights from 2016 worlds!

Some of the best grapplers on the planet in one arena!

Prologue 2

Such a great event!

Polaris 4

This is a great event and I'm looking forward to watching it!

Breakdown of Demian Maia!

Here is a great breakdown of how Demain Maia passes and sweeps in MMA

Competition Mindset - Rafael Formiga Barbosa

The mindset of one of the best! .

"Gunfight" From a Legend Cary Kolat

Here Cary explains the importance of making your opponent move!

Rafael Barbosa VS. Rustam Chsiev

Great match between World champ Rafael Barbosa and EBI runner up Rustam Chsiev!

Simple And Effective Choke!

Here is a great choke that can be used as a counter to a double leg takedown.

Effective Takedown For BJJ Players

Here is a takedown from world a world champ. In the video Bernardo Faria explains why he thinks this works well against seasoned stand up grapplers.

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  1. sfaadmin
    @cobrafire27 Thanks for the feedback!
  2. cobrafire27
    Brilliant alternative to the old stand-by wrist lock when they grab your shirt.
  3. warhammer9319
    I would love to see a drills DVD come out!
  4. warhammer9319
    At first I was resistant do to the stylized keysi feel. Honestly I now enjoy the concepts and I'm sold. I'm a hard sell. I've seen alot...its nice to see guys that over all philosophies align
  5. sebastien
    Great and efficient armbreaks.:)