Vlad Koulikov

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Free BJJ & Self-Defense Course: https://soulfighterstraining.com Sambo Master of Sport, Judo Black Belt, and all around Grappling Bad-Ass: Vlad Koulikov shares one of his favorite setups for Sambo Throws and Judo Throws: The Georgian Grip.

Vlad Koulikov, Oct 11, 2016


Pro-Grappler: Vlad Koulikov

Master Vladislav “Vlad” Koulikov is a renowned Sambo Practitioner, and Teacher. An expert Martial Artist, Vlad holds the rank of “Master of Sport” in Sambo, the rank of 2nd Dan in Judo(2nd degree blackbelt), Purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and 1st Degree black belt in Karate. Vlad’s success is impart due to his open-minded philosophy which he calls “Sambo Fusion”, blending what works best from Sambo and Jiu Jitsu. As a youth, Vlad trained at the prestigious Sambo-70 Academy in Moscow, Russia. Sambo-70 is a very prominent and highly respected educational institution, with it’s secondary schooling being in the art of Sambo, physical education and living a healthier lifestyle.