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Black Belt Grappling Class: Georgian Grip - Sambo Fusion | BJJ | TRITAC

Free BJJ & Self-Defense Course: Sambo Master of Sport, Judo Black Belt, and all around Grappling Bad-Ass: Vlad Koulikov shares one of his favorite setups for Sambo Throws and Judo Throws: The Georgian Grip.

Formiga BJJ Q&A - Guard Pass Defense, Sweeps & Passes [Ep.8]

Free BJJ & Self-Defense Course: In this episode of Formiga BJJ Q&A - Formiga breaks down guard pass defense, guard sweeps, and guard setups for Half Guard, X-Guard and De La Riva Guard. Formiga also shares his tips on how to pass the...

No-Gi Throws by Vlad Koulikov - Sambo Fusion

More Videos Vlad & Other Pro-Grapplers: Learn the Sambo / No-Gi Wrestling: Pinch Headlock Throws from... Vlad Koulikov - Master of Sport in Sambo, Judo Black Belt, No-Gi Grappling Bad-Ass and Foot-Lock Machine ... (how's THAT for an intro!?)...

The BJJ Guard: Defense, Sweeps, & Pass Counters: Formiga BJJ Q&A EP6

Free BJJ & Self-Defense Course: In this episode of Formiga BJJ Q&A - It's ALL about the BJJ Guard, especially half guard. The BJJ Guard is one the most dynamic positions to play in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and the best BJJ Black Belts in the...

Jiu-Jitsu Guard Sweeps: Grappling Pack: Highlight Video

Get x3 FREE Jiu-Jitsu Guard Sweeps from our Guard Sweeps Grappling Pack: I don't know what it is about Jiu-Jitsu Guard Sweeps - but I don't think there is anything "cooler" than an awesome guard sweep. The ability to be on your back...


Level-up Your Combat Grappl-Ability (Free Preview): The Combat Grappling Pack is a ultimate resource to learn how to use Grappling for Self-Defense / Reality-Based Combat. In the Combat Grappling Pack, you will learn how to: Defense against...

The Best BJJ Half Guard Sweep SECRET: Soul Fighters BJJ

What is the Best Half Guard Sweep in BJJ? - Well, in this Half Guard Sweep video from Soul Fighters BJJ Black Belt: Rafael Formiga Barbosa, you'll learn one SECRET that will make all your half guard sweeps better. We can't just TELL you the secret to sweeping from half...

Grappling Techniques: Fireman's Carry to Foot Lock

More Sambo Fusion Videos: Sambo Master of Sport, Judo Black Belt, and BJJ Brown Belt: Vlad Koulikov breaks down how to do the wrestling takedown or judo throw the wrestler fireman's carry or the judo kata guruma and finishing with a straight ankle lock...

De La Riva Guard Basics: Concept, Sweeps & Submissions Rafael "Formiga" Barbosa of Soul Fighters BJJ explains the basic concepts for the De La Riva Guard Sweeps, De La Riva Guard Retention, and the Basics of the De La Riva Guard. Formiga BJJ shows you how to sweep from the de la riva guard, and...

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  1. sfaadmin
    @cobrafire27 Thanks for the feedback!
  2. cobrafire27
    Brilliant alternative to the old stand-by wrist lock when they grab your shirt.
  3. warhammer9319
    I would love to see a drills DVD come out!
  4. warhammer9319
    At first I was resistant do to the stylized keysi feel. Honestly I now enjoy the concepts and I'm sold. I'm a hard sell. I've seen alot...its nice to see guys that over all philosophies align
  5. sebastien
    Great and efficient armbreaks.:)