A thousand mile journey begins with the first step, and our GRAPPLING FUNDAMENTALS PACK is a giant leap forward in developing your "GRAPP-ABILITY".

With this pack, you'll learn the basic guard(s), takedowns, sweeps, passes, and escapes... The Grappling Fundamentals Pack will give you a head start in your journey to become a fearsome Grappler!

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Recent Comments

  1. sfaadmin
    @cobrafire27 Thanks for the feedback!
  2. cobrafire27
    Brilliant alternative to the old stand-by wrist lock when they grab your shirt.
  3. warhammer9319
    I would love to see a drills DVD come out!
  4. warhammer9319
    At first I was resistant do to the stylized keysi feel. Honestly I now enjoy the concepts and I'm sold. I'm a hard sell. I've seen alot...its nice to see guys that over all philosophies align
  5. sebastien
    Great and efficient armbreaks.:)