A thousand mile journey begins with the first step, and our GRAPPLING FUNDAMENTALS PACK is a giant leap forward in developing your "GRAPP-ABILITY".

With this pack, you'll learn the basic guard(s), takedowns, sweeps, passes, and escapes... The Grappling Fundamentals Pack will give you a head start in your journey to become a fearsome Grappler!

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  1. sfaadmin
    @release7 Thanks for the awesome feedback! We believe that during training you need to train under "stress". During that stress training, we are hoping / expecting that hesitation, fear,...
  2. release7
    Nice response with the defense and offense tactics. However, in an actual Road Rage incident we can't forget to add a little hesitation and or fear, surprise, or maybe is this really happening to...
  3. Kahunadog
    Great breakdown. Smash, Enter
  4. sfaadmin
    My favorite time of the year!!!
  5. Kahunadog
    That looks so fun. Train. Train. Play hard. Then Sake. I likey.