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How to Counter Cheap Shot: Slip Counter Punch Drill

Learn how to defend against the cheap shot sucker punch by not being there! In this TRITAC-Unarmed Punch Defense Drill, John Leabo and Mike Simon show you how to defend against the sucker punch with a rear slip and then respond with your counter punching.

Double Leg Takedown Defense to Kimura - Combat Jiu-Jitsu Flow

Learn how to stop the Double Leg Wrestlers Takedown with a Combat Jiu-Jitsu Flow. Step 1.) Partner A: Shoots a Double Leg Takedown Step 2.) Partner B: Sprawl to Defend Step 3.) Partner B: Use the Head-push takedown or Wrestling Quarter Nelson to put opponent in side control...

Throws & Takedowns of Zen-Do Ju-JItsu / TRITAC-Jitsu

TRITAC-Jitsu blends the Traditional Martial Art of Japanese Ju-Jitsu with Modern Reality-Based Combatives. More information at: -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- TOP 3 Headbutts for Self-Defense... Dirty Fighting...

Striking vs Jiu-Jitsu | Elbow Smash to Choke Out

TRITAC-Jitsu Class (Combat Jiu-Jitsu) showing how to use Elbow to attack the body, and then get the Rear Naked Choke using Jiu-Jitsu.

Self-Defense: Ground & Pound Technique: TRITAC-Unarmed

TRITAC-Unarmed Co-Founder John Leabo goes over the details of fighting in the top BJJ Closed Guard position and using Ground and Pound (MMA) with Hammer Fists, Punches, and Elbows.

TRITAC-Unarmed Combat Guard Ground & Pound Overview

John Leabo of TRITAC-Unarmed System goes over the Ground and Pound from the BJJ Guard for Self-Defense & Hand to Hand Combat. Learning how to fight and hit your opponent from guard, using Ground and Pound Techniques is essential for Reality-Based Self-defense.

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    @release7 Thanks for the awesome feedback! We believe that during training you need to train under "stress". During that stress training, we are hoping / expecting that hesitation, fear,...
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    Nice response with the defense and offense tactics. However, in an actual Road Rage incident we can't forget to add a little hesitation and or fear, surprise, or maybe is this really happening to...
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    Great breakdown. Smash, Enter
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    My favorite time of the year!!!
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