TRITAC Martial Arts

Learn the Basic Concepts, Mechanics and Techniques in TRITAC Martial Arts
Learn the basic concepts, principles and mechanics of TRITAC Martial Arts.
"A Devastating Combatives Striking System"
Learn the Brutal... Hard-Hitting... Face-Smashing... Devastating... Martial Art: TRITAC-Unarmed

Ultimate Grappling Packs

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Never Get.... Smashed, Grounded & Destroyed. Escape & Defend from Anywhere.



Soul Fighters Academy in Fort Worth TX offering TRITAC-Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Personal Training and Firearms Training. Anthony...
Since 1990 we have been providing training to individuals and families in the Martial Arts.

Our passions focus on the growth and development of...
Soul Fighters: TRITAC-Unarmed and TRITAC-Jitsu Training with Head Instructor John Terry. Also featuring strength and fitness classes. Classes...
Welcome to Soul Fighters: TRITAC-Martial arts at the Kaizen Dojo Martial Arts Academy! At the Kaizen Dojo we teach Soul Fighters: TRITAC-Unarmed...
Here at AT Academy, we strive to help you maintain a healthy balance between your BJJ training, workout goals and your life. AT Academy is the...
Commonly known as the JSA; it is HQ for Soul Fighters Academy. Both Matt Bryers and Rafael Formiga Barbosa teach at the JSA; although all are...
Train under one of Soul Fighters Top BJJ Black Belts and Competitors: Marcus Antelante
HQ of TRITAC-Unarmed and TRITAC-Armed with John Leabo and Mike Simon.