Soul Fighters Instructors in our TRITAC Martial Arts Systems or BJJ

Co-Founder | BJJ World Champion | UFC Fighter
Soul Fighters Co-Founders | Bad-Ass BJJ World-Champ
TRITAC-Unarmed Co-Founder | TRITAC-Armed Co-Founder
Founder of SAMBO Fusion, brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, 1st degree black belt in karate and a 2nd degree black belt in Judo.
TRITAC-Unarmed Co-Founder | TRITAC-Armed Co-Founder
Marcus Antelante Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is offered through Soul Fighters DFW in the gymnasium and facilities at the DFW Gun Range and Training Center where he is the head professor and coach.
Anthony is the head instructor at Defense Analysis & Solutions and teaches: TRITAC-Unarmed and TRITAC-Jitsu
TRITAC-Unarmed & TRITAC-Jitsu Instructor in Orlando FL. Owner of Truth Combatives & Fitness
After beating leukemia as a child, Matt "The Mangler" Besette was introduced to the world of MMA while studying at the University of Hartford. He began his professional fighting career in 2007, and since then has racked up an impressive MMA record of
TRITAC-Jitsu Instructor In Training
TRITAC-Jitsu / Unarmed Instructor -In- Training in NC
TRITAC-Unarmed Instructor in Montebello, CA