TRITAC Basics Course

    Introducing: The TRITAC-Martial Arts Basics Course

    TRITAC Basics Course Overview.

    Learn to Defend Yourself With This 6-Part Course & Training Plan

    These are the proven lessons and training plans we use to develop Martial Arts Warriors. But more importantly, it teaches you the basic concepts, techniques, and drills to Fight when there are NO Rules and You need to FIGHT to Survive.

    Explore and Expand Your Knowledge of Martial Arts

    Remove all the rules, limitations, and 'restrictions' on Reality-Based Combat and open your mind to exploring new methods of Self-Defense and Martial Arts Discovery.

    Become a Complete Fighter With Powerful Striking and Effective Jiu-Jitsu Techniques

    Ignoring striking arts and defense will get you knocked out, ignoring grappling & ground fighting with get you beaten... bad. The TRITAC Basics Course gives you training to fight in any situation.

    Learn Step by Step, Over the Shoulder With TRITAC Founders.

    1 Hour, 33 minutes and 18 seconds of video training, 22 videos, and 6 training lessons resources dedicated to creating your ad campaign

    What's Inside The Course?

    TRITAC-Martial Arts Lessons
    x6 Lessons that will not only show you "how", but also give you concepts, principles AND techniques to survive REAL Street Combat.
    • TRITAC-Martial Arts Concepts & Principles - Don't just learn "how", learn WHY.
    • TRITAC-Unarmed (Striking Combatives) - Begin the develop the striking defense and attack techniques from the TRITAC-Unarmed System.
    • TRITAC-Jitsu (Combat Jiu-Jitsu) - Discover the Power of Jiu-Jitsu for Street Combat - Smash & Enter, Takedown, FINISH.
    TRITAC-Martial Arts Video Library
    Over 1.5 Hours of Training Videos - We want to make sure you TRULY understand and develop the skills to ... FIGHT.
    Our goal is the give you a SOLID & BASIC Understanding of TRITAC-Martial Arts

    PRIVATE INVITE ONLY - SFA Network Access
    The SFA / TRITAC Network is the ULTIMATE resource for your martial arts training. Access all your courses, gain additional tips and insights in the Video Library, and interact directly with TRITAC Students, Instructors and Founders.


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