TRITAC-Unarmed Fundamentals Course

  • "A Devastating Combatives Striking System"
    Learn the Brutal... Hard-Hitting... Face-Smashing... Devastating... Martial Art: TRITAC-Unarmed

    What's Included in the TRITAC-Unarmed Fundamentals Course:

    TRITAC-Unarmed x6 Flow Lessons
    TRITAC-Flows are the “secret” to learning how to move, react, and fight with instinctual power.

    Combat is an art of Flow. Understand how to think, move and react in Combat. Flow develops instinct. Instinct = POWER. Our process shows you step-by-step how to flow in combat.

    TRITAC-Unarmed Video Library
    Get Instant Access to Over 35+ Training Videos

    We throw EVERYTHING at you. Flow lessons, training drills, class videos, technical breakdowns, instructor training videos and MORE.

    We've said it before... but seriously:
    It would be IMPOSSIBLE NOT to learn from this course.

    TRITAC Instructor Q&A | Private Community
    Real learning requires support from instructors and fellow students. What makes Soul Fighters different, is that we're here for you! We want to make sure that you're learning and developing the right way.

    Get x2 BONUS LESSONS!!! Sorry, can't disclose the secrets in the bonus lessons lol - you'll just have to find out yourself!


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