BJJ Black Belt Tips EP2: Guard Pass Defense, Butterfly Guard Sweeps, Omoplatas, Z-Guard…

Another edition of BJJ Black Belt Tips with 3x BJJ World Champion: Rafael Formiga Barbosa. In this episode Formiga answers questions on how to counter guard passes, maintaining back control against bigger BJJ players, a couple variations for finishing the omoplata, break-dance sweep from butterfly guard, how to open a strong BJJ closed guard, how to pass the Z-Guard / Knee Shield Half Guard, the Leandro Lo Hip Switch Guard Pass,

00:21 – BJJ Sweep Counter from Tornado Guard Pass. Here’s a great counter to when your opponent is passing your guard.

02:22 – How to keep back control in BJJ againts a bigger opponent when you’re a short person.

03:53 – How to finish the Omoplata in BJJ using the other leg hook. Jiu-Jitsu Omoplata sweep to omoplata submission.

05:36 – Jiu-Jitsu Breakdance Sweep from Butterfly Guard. Formiga is a Butterfly Guard master… one of the best BJJ Butterfly Guards in the world.

07:30 – How to Open the Closed Guard Against a Stronger, Bigger Opponent. BJJ Players with long strong legs tend to have a great closed guard. Learn how to open a strong BJJ closed guard to pass from Formiga.

09:40 – How to Pass the Z-Guard or Knee Shield Half Guard in BJJ. Formiga shows his BJJ guard passing game when your opponent has a great BJJ z-guard, or a Knee Shield Half Guard.

11:21 – Leandro Lo is great at passing the BJJ half guard. Formiga shows his variation on the Leandro Lo half guard pass

13:09 – Bonus BJJ Technique: Arm Across Butterfly Guard Sweep. Formiga shows one of his favorite BJJ Butterfly Guard Sweeps by trapping the arm acroos the buddy to sweep.

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Black Belt BJJ Tips: Side Control, Choke Defense, Butterfly Guard, 50/50 Guard, Triangle Choke

In our first episode of BJJ Quick Tips with Rafael Formiga Barbosa of Soul Fighters BJJ; Formiga answers the following questions.
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