Best Grab Self-Defense: Headbutt, Headbutt Throw

One of the Best Self-Defense Moves from a Single-Handed grab is a simple headbutt… and another headbutt that gives you the option to throw your opponent using the Kesa Nage Throw.

This Self-Defense Technique is from our TRITAC-Jitsu: our Self-Defense Class and Combatives Jiu-Jitsu System focusing on teaching the Best Self-Defense Techniques, Self-Defense Classes and Reality-Based Combatives Training.

TRITAC-Unarmed: Grab Series: Two Handed Front Grab Recap Points

Designed for “anything goes” street violence, TRITAC-Unarmed is a hand-to-hand combatives program that will prepare you for the unexpected.

TRITAC-Unarmed teaches the vital techniques and tactics necessary for street self-defense situations, allowing you to respond accordingly to multiple opponents or opponents with weapons should a situation ever arise. As we all know, it’s ALWAYS better to be prepared for whatever life throws at us!

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