Jiu-Jitsu VS Strongman: How to ‘Piss’ Off & Fight A Strongman

Sean Jugler of TRITAC-Jitsu just loves messing with Strongman / Strength Coach Justin Czaplicki…

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Jiu-Jitsu VS Strongman…. BOW Hunting

Japanese Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Sean Jugler goes hunting for Strongman Justin Czaplicki in another segment of…
Jiu-JItsu VS Strongman: How To Fight an Strongman

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How to Fight a ‘STRONGMAN’ …. With a Mohawk

Ever wanted to piss off a strongman… and then choke him out?
Learn How to Fighter a Bigger, Stronger Opponent with Jiu-Jitsu!
Sean Jugler of TRITAC-Jitsu has a little fun and shows you how!

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