Today’s Warrior: Martial Art Fusion – Vlad Koulikov – EP #5

In this Episode of Today’s Warrior we feature special guest: Vlad Koulikov – founder of Sambo Fusion. Vlad is a Master of Sport in Sambo, Judo Black Belt, and all around grappling bad-ass!

We discuss Modern Combat Martial Arts and the history of Russian Sambo. Vlad also shares his vision of what is a Modern Bad-Ass Warrior.

Today’s Warrior is a YouTube Show and Podcast by Soul Fighters Academy focusing on the development of the Modern Warrior. We are martial artists, strength athletes, business owners and passionate about living the Warrior Lifestyle.

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Our hosts for the show are:

Matt Bryers: Soul Fighters Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt, a Kobukai Ju-Jitsu Blackbelt and co-founder of TRITAC-Jitsu. He has been training Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, Unarmed Combatives, Full-Contact Karate (Kyokushin), Wrestling, and many other martial arts for over 25 years.

Sean Jugler: Sean Jugler has been involved in Martial Arts for 29 years. He is a 6th degree Zen Budo-Ryu JuJitsu blackbelt, and has cross trained in Kyokushin Karate, Judo, Aikido, Modern Arnis, and Kung Fu. He is the owner and Chief Instructor at ZenDo JuJitsu in New Milford, CT, which he opened in 1990.

Justin Czaplicki: Strength athlete and coach. Czaplicki has been training for and competing in the sport of Strongman since 2006. In that time he’s have competed in over 30 competitions all around the country. He has a total of over 20 years training and have been an athlete all his life.

Peter Obrec: BJJ Athlete, Videographer and a man dedicated to living the Warrior Lifestyle.

Black Belt Grappling Class: Georgian Grip – Sambo Fusion | BJJ | TRITAC

Sambo Master of Sport, Judo Black Belt, and all around Grappling Bad-Ass: Vlad Koulikov shares one of his favorite setups for Sambo Throws and Judo Throws: The Georgian Grip.

Vlad shares his Sambo Fusion (Sambo, Judo, BJJ) techniques with TRITAC-Jitsu Co-Founders: Matt Bryers (BJJ Black Belt & Japanese Ju-Jitsu Black Belt) and Sean Jugler (Japanese Ju-Jitsu Black Belt).

Vlad shows the Ouchi Gari (judo technique) throw (inner reap trip), the Harai Goshi Judo Throw, Uchi Mata Judo Throw, and many other Judo / Sambo Throws.

Combat Sambo & Sambo Fusion shares many of the same principles, throws and grappling techniques as TRITAC-Jitsu. Vlad Koulikov is a wealth of knowledge on Combat Sambo, Judo and Jiu-Jitsu. Big thanks to Vlad for sharing!!